I’m Blogging!

13 07 2011

Blog is short for ‘Web Log.’  Its essentially an online journal.  Personally, I never thought that I would be blogging.  I always thought the word sounded weird, like some strange and creepy animal.  Apparently, even the game studio Retro Studios thought so too, as one of the enemies in their game Metroid Prime 2 is called a ‘Blogg’ (obviously the extra g is a way of avoiding copyright, an internet uprising, or something).

Every time you read a blog, you will now think of this creature.

But, Bloggs and Blogs aside, I have decided to create my own.  Why, you ask?  Well, I am a student at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO who will be studying abroad in the fall.  I will be attending Homerton College at Cambridge University studying music.  And, like a bunch of my friends who have done the same, I will Blogg (excuse me, blog) about my adventures.  Why am I starting now, you ask again?  I thought I would get used to this new blogging thing now so its not another thing I have to learn while I’m there, as there are more pressing matters to attend to (such as the best place to find fish and chips).

What about the title, Matt?*  I, insightful and humorous person that I am, wanted to create a clever and interesting title.  I’ve thought of titles for my blog for months, and I couldn’t find a good one.  I thought to myself that I needed something clever.  Then it clicked.  That was my title.  It was the most clever title I could think of, which also made it the most ironic one.  That, my friends, is a win.

*Seriously, stop asking me questions.  I’ll tell you, I promise.

So, in the coming weeks, I will blog to the best of my ability on subjects not relating to the U.K.  I hope you enjoy them.



2 responses

14 07 2011
Jeff LaMar

Very Cool, now pick up your room!

14 07 2011
Jeff LaMar

Seriously, great idea.

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