The Evil Golden Compass!!11!!1! (Part 2)

2 09 2011

When  I wrote about the evil book and movie The Golden Compass previously here, I talked about the background of the book and of the movie and whatnot.  At the end, I condensed my criticisms of the attacks into three points.  Now, without further ado, I will elaborate.

1.  The attackers often don’t know what they are talking about

This took me way to long to understand.  But many attackers of the book/movie are just plain wrong.  For example, the article that I mentioned here bashes the book and is extremely critical.  Here are some quotes from said article, and while these ‘arguments’ are by no means universal, variations of them are common in attacks against the book:

“He (Pullman) is an atheist and his objective is to bash Christianity and promote atheism.  I heard that he wants to kill God in the minds of children, and that’s what these books are all about…As I understand it, in the last book, a boy and girl are depicted representing Adam and Eve and they kill God…Pullman says he wants children to read the books and decide against the kingdom of God.”

“…in the end the children kill God and everyone can do as they please.”

You've got to be kidding me...

I really hate to be the voice of reason here, but those things are just not true.  Yes, Pullman is an atheist, but his purpose is to tell a story:  he says in an interview,  ” My intention is to tell a story – in the first place because the story comes to me and wants to be told.”  Second, I’m reasonably sure the phrase “I want to kill God in the minds of children” wasn’t ever said…it is today’s version of ‘Let them eat cake.’  It is a very quotable quote, but somebody probably made it up.  It could be argued that the main characters, Lyra and Will, represented Adam and Eve, but I didn’t read it that way; that’s a matter of interpretation though.

And finally, for the love of all things good in this world, THE MAIN CHARACTERS DO NOT KILL GOD.  That statement is such a stretch from the truth…it is like claiming that Darth Vader told Luke “I am your uncle” in Episode V and vehemently clinging to the thought despite the obvious evidence against it.  What really happens is that Lyra and Will encounter the ancient being who masqueraded as God, who was cooped up in this little glass prison thing.  When they opened it to let him out, he just drifted apart.  That’s that.  Seriously.  Obviously that might sound a little odd without the backstory, put I promise you that is the truth.  Also, surprise, the characters don’t get to do whatever they want at the end.  That comment is just stupid, especially if you actually read the ending and know what Will and Lyra have to go through.

Well, it seems that there will be a part three to this topic…time crept up on me and, like I said before, some update better than no update.  I’ll stop making promises though because I apparently can’t fully keep them (in regards to my blog, of course).



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7 09 2011
Hannah De Priest


9 09 2011
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