Well, we didn’t plan it that way…

29 09 2011

I’m in England.

Since I only temporarily have internet access, I will keep this short.  So this is part one of my post.  Another version of our story can be found here.  But, bullet point version:

Our flight was supposed to be scheduled for 4:10 on Tuesday to Philadelphia.  It was delayed.  Because a bird hit it.  Then, it was delayed again because of weather near Philly.

This meant that our hour+ layover turned into way less.  We actually landed in Philadelphia on time, but the stupidity of the flight controllers/ground crew meant we stayed on the tarmac for half an hour before deplaning.  Otherwise, we would have made our connection.

So, Hannah and I were stuck in Philadelphia for the day.  In a rare moment of competency, US Airways gave us a hotel voucher.

We saw the market downtown, the giant organ at Macy’s, the Liberty Bell, Liberty Hall, and had two of the best tour guides ever.

Because of the thorough amount of ridiculous that had happened, we wanted them to upgrade us to first class.  They didn’t go for it.

Finally, we got on the plane–exactly 24 hours after our previous flight left.  Then, we went to England.

So, yeah.

Our congratulations, from Walter.




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