Short Update

16 10 2011


So last time, remember when I said that I was playing 2nd horn and wouldn’t have to do 1st?  Well, essentially, I’m co-principal.  Which means that I’m playing first on half of the pieces.  Which means of course that one of those is Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite, which contains sprinklings of solos everywhere and a big, gigantic, exposed horn solo in the last movement.  There is literally 2 full minutes of build up to the solo, which then sounds like this.  Scary.

Also, I got a bike.  Yay!  It took my about a third or fourth of the time on a bike than it would have on foot.  That is technology, my friend.

Finally:  My first top 10 list (LaMar’s Lists tab) is up.  My top 10 lists take a while to write, which is why there is only one per month.  Don’t worry, I’ve spread the writing out over the past week or so.




One response

16 10 2011
Natalie.... Vieyra

Matt, I am just so proud of you. You are so blessed!! 🙂

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