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28 10 2011

Short little post here.  While I was in Cambridge today, 4 police cars with lights and sirens blaring went by me on one of the small, one-lane alleyways.  It was weird.

Anyway, today I’d like to say two cents about baseball, and being a fan.

The World Series’ last game is today.  Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals.  Game 7.  This has been one of the best postseasons in recent history, and a game 7 in the WS is about the best thing that baseball can offer.  9 innings of live or die.  I am rooting for the Texas Rangers.  This is for multiple reasons; one is that the Rangers were in the WS last year and didn’t win.  Another is that I almost always root for the American League.  However, the third reason is entirely the fault of St. Louis Cardinals fans.

Yeah, you.

First, a disclaimer:  there are plenty of loyal, good-hearted Cardinals fans who follow their team through whatever.  Individually, I don’t really have a problem with you if you’re a Cardinals fan.  But collectively…oh man.  Cardinals fans call themselves “The Best Fans in Baseball.”

Think about that.  In other words, they are literally saying, “We are better than you.  Deal with it.”  Does this not sound ridiculously pretentious?  No group of fans should ever call themselves the best fans of anything.  Maybe you can compete amongst fellow fans, but that’s about it.  So, pretentious, and untrue.

That’s right, Cardinals fans.  You aren’t the best in baseball.  Not even close.

The St. Louis Cardinals are a likable enough team.  This is generally because they win all the time, and have one of the best players in baseball history playing First Base for them.  It is so very easy to like a good team.  Yankees fans–eh.  Not really fans.  Its like liking a cake.  Everyone likes cake.  Big deal.  How about the Pittsburgh Pirates fans?  They haven’t had a winning season in 18 years.  Or…how about the Kansas City Royals fans?  One winning season in the past two decades.  We still root for our team.  I think the fans of the losing teams are the best.  I think KC fans are better than St. Louis.  Yeah I said it.

I’m typing this now basically to avoid the “oh you’re just mad the Cardinals won” thing.  If they win, so be it; good for the Cardinals.  Cardinals fans–both the true fans and the bandwagon ones who can’t name any players other than Pujols–just don’t be jerks about it and constantly berate other teams like KC or Chicago because you’re better.  Thanks.



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28 10 2011
Nic Wheeler


1 11 2011
Cliff Gray

All fans think they are the best, including those of us who have the pleasure of watching baseball at AT&T Park. But the moniker “Best Fans in Baseball” began with a Sports Illustrated survey of the players. See question #11. St. Louis fans may or may not be the best, but the players seem to think so. I think USA Today resurveyed the players a couple of years ago with similar results. Even Giants announcer Mike Krukow, who hates the Cardinals team, calls the St. Louis fans the best.

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