Yes I am Alive

9 12 2011

Hello readers.  In case you were wondering, I am still alive (and well).

Last Saturday, I made the trek from Cambridge to King’s Cross to Heathrow to Philadelphia International to Kansas City International to my house.  As the length of the sentence suggests, it was a long day.  I spent over 13 hours in planes, trains, and a car.  It was very tiring.  Furthermore, I made the mistake of watching the live-action Smurfs movie on the plane to Philadelphia.  Bad idea.  SO STUPID.  Ahem.  However, I’m home now and am happy about that.

I apologize for not updating my blog in a while.  This week I’ve been enjoying being home, and last week I was finishing up school and preparing for departure.  I had three concerts in a row at the beginning of the week.  They went well, especially the Wind Orchestra concert.  We opened with Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man; it is one of my favorite pieces.  Copland wrote it in 1942 in the midst of the war years as a tribute to those common soldiers, men, and women who were fighting and dieing.  Fanfare is scored for brass and percussion only, and is a mere 4 minutes long.  It is also pretty hard.  My part was particularly difficult–I am principal horn in the band and therefore had the really high part in the piece that goes with it.  Here’s a video for you to enjoy of the piece:

The last couple of days were the calm before the traveling storm and were greatly appreciated.  But now I am home in the United States where the money is green and no one bikes anywhere.  I cannot forsee how much I will update this blog over the break because I’m not really doing anything exciting.  If you do want continued stories of England, please check my blog links up at the top and follow my fellow Jewell-ites (going to make this a word).  Also I put up a blog archive for you in case you wanted to read my past posts.  Thanks for reading!  Also, Merry Christmas!

Christmas cupcakes are the best




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