Big Blog News

17 03 2012


Do you read this blog for my thoughts–all of them?  Yay!  Continue following it.

Do you read this blog for my travel updates and year abroad whilst not caring about my opinions?  Stop following it.

For what I have done is streamline our Collective Dynamic Blogging Experience (I hear words like ‘dynamic’ are good for marketing, so now my blog will probably get thousands more viewers).  Thusly, I introduce you to my new travel blog:  A Clever Travel Blog!  Or,

I did this so that people could more easily follow my experiences abroad in addition to more clearly defining my blogger roles.  This blog will carry out it’s original purpose, which is to act as a vehicle (preferably a dirigible, though I’m not picky) for my creative and random writing endeavors.  Sometimes I like to write about things because I want to, without the pressure of being ‘academic’ and ‘serious’.  Because no one should be serious all the time.

This is also good for me because I will hopefully end up updating the travel blog more, as I will be more aware of how much I actually write about my experiences.  This is particularly important as I will be setting off for my European tour in a few days.


So, readers, thank you for reading.  If you were amused at least once by me, I’m content.  Thanks again.







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