New Blog and Name Changes

15 07 2013

If you follow this blog, you’ll see that the name has changed.  The new name, LaMar’s Musings, represents more of what I blog about here.  Last year, I split this blog in two by forming my travel blog in the interest of organization.  Now, a new dawn rises, and I have created another blog.  This is where I migrated the former name of this blog.  Behold, the blog Something Clever

I began the new Something Clever in order to create an online portfolio of sorts for my writing.  It will include short observations, longer analytical pieces, and fiction.  Topics that I will cover in the blog will not be political or social in nature.  For that, I have this blog.

My travel blog will remain online in the case that I travel or go somewhere fun.  Because why not.


Thanks for reading, and Garrus sends his regards.