Hey there.  My name is Matt, and I attend William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri USA.  However, I am currently studying abroad at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK.  Here’s what I look like.

Well, about me.  What do you want to know?  I assume many who are reading this know me.  But what if you somehow go all Jason Bourne and stop remembering?  Or what if you don’t actually know me?  Well, here is me in a few lines.

  • I’m two decades old (Turning 2.1 decades old in March).
  • I am a cat person.
  • Rollercoasters are amazing; I have currently ridden 56 different rollercoasters and the count keeps going up.
  • I enjoy videogames.
  • You just lost the game
  • I am a graduate from Smithville High School and am majoring in Oxbridge Music.  No, I don’t know what to do with my life.  Suggestions?
  • I love science fiction of all kinds–my favorite movie series is Star Wars, and my three favorite TV shows are sci-fi (watch that Fringe, people)
  • My toothbrush is yellow.
  • I play the french horn.  I also sing and play trumpet.
  • I am a Christian and a ‘Jesus Freak’ if you will.  Old-school DC Talk for the win.



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